How to Use Disposable Devices?

A disposable is really simple to work with. It offers no fill ports, or buttons & screens; neither of its parts (coil, battery or mouthpiece) is replaceable, so you don’t need to figure out how to take each section apart and assemble them back in place. Hence there’s really not much to cover about using a disposable vape.

That said, we still have 4 good tips that could perhaps make your vaping easier and smoother:

  1.  Remove the plugs before your first use. Basically all disposable vapes adopt the straightforward puff-to-vape design. You inhale from the mouthpiece and get the flavorful vapor. While every time you get a new disposable, remember to remove the rubber plug in the mouthpiece together with other outer packages.
  2.  Stop using your device when you notice a drop-off in performance. According to most disposable manufacturers, you toss out your device until draining the vape juice or battery. However, the better timing to do it is when the flavor or vapor amount has dropped off evidently, even if there’s juice or battery power left. Otherwise you’ll end up getting either terrible vapors or burnt tastes.
  3.  Claimed puffs is only for your reference. The estimated puffs you see in disposable product advertising are counted by machines based on a presumed puff duration. In reality, how many puffs you can get largely depends on how long and hard you take each draw. The actual number would vary by person.
  4.  Properly discard your disposable vape. No matter your vape is disposable or not, it packs a lithium battery inside. So you have to dispose of it as you do with all lithium batteries or devices containing lithium batteries—take them to designated collection points instead of household recycling bins.

Are Disposable Vapes Safe?

Disposable vape safety has long been the hot word on everybody’s lip. From a broad sense, any vapes, including disposable ones, are not 100% safe, but at least they cause far less damages to human bodies than smoking. While if you’re only comparing disposable’s safety with other types of vapes, the answer is a definite yes.  Disposable vapes from big brands and reliable stores are as safe to use.

Much like when you use a regular electronic device, there’re some safety must-knows to keep in mind when using a disposable.

Be mindful to keep your disposable vape away from fire source and avoid its contact with water. In addition, don’t try to disassemble it with no official instructions in case of ignition. For more information about how to safely use disposable vapes, you can check our earlier post.

Which Disposable Brand Offers Best Flavors?

When you pick up a disposable vape, it’s inevitable to discuss about flavors. However, as flavor preference is fairly subjective, there couldn’t be an absolute answer about which is “BEST” and which is not.

Finding a disposable vape that provides flavors tailored to your appetite takes time, but there exists a shorter path. Each brand has its own characteristics when making vape juice, like the control over sweetness and menthol addition. To learn about all these, you don’t necessarily have to use a product. Checking some reviews or going over a product’s released flavor profile might also help you out.

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